Not the mention the names of two platforms are almost the same. Tasuta laenud; panga aasta intressimäär on 3 2. Also, Auto-Invest will be ready at the end of April. Intervjuu pärineb ajast, mil alles tutvusin ettevõttega. Otsid väikest laenusummat? 100 eurot on paras.

Muudel juhtudel tasub vähemalt esialgu kõrvalt vaadata. One key component to success is having a lot of investment options so that average Joe type of investors can diversify it’s portfolio within the platform. Studied Finance at University of Latvia, Law at Business University Turiba and in WU Executive Academy, program Executive Energy Expert. Gunars has been also initiative by organizing different business activities and identifying financial funds for projects if requested. It might seem that Crowdestor is yet another peer to peer lending platform. Now, just a few months later we can invest via Crowdestor. Although the project was not closed, crowdfunding industry did benefit a lot.

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. This is the project which we mentioned in the beginning of email. All money was returned to investors plus some interest. In our opinion, the project has done a great job as it was first project where Luminor stepped in together with crowdfunding platform. There are no any extra costs for investors. Crowdestor. Some months after raising capital the project ended. Ühesõnaga, kui sul on rauast närvid ja julged riske võtta, siis võid mõelda nende kaudu investeerimist. We thank Gunars for the quick Q&A. The project was canceled because the counter party unilaterally breached contract. Vastuseid lubati, kuid jätkuvalt pole veel saadetud. Hiljem märkasin, et nad on seotud Eesti portaali Crowdestate’i Energiatootmishoone projektiga ning selle oma veebi üles pannud, siis küsisin mõne teravama küsimuse Crowdestate’i kopeerimise kohta. Most projects are in manufacturing and real estate areas.

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. Yes, you are right that we are based in Riga but registered in Tallinn